Providing insurers with an extended access to markets and products.

Key Features of TheInsurer include:

  • Online Quote and Purchasing

    TheInsurer has been developed to offer state of the art online quotation and purchase facilities for high-volume scheme business across multiple product lines, both personal and commercial. For example, the new Motor Trade insurance quote engine is the only product of its nature commercially available to intermediaries anywhere on the market.*

    TheInsurer has the ability to allocate payments to a particular agent account if a credit facility is offered. Alternatively some distribution channels may be offered an online payment facility before any polices can be incepted. Coming soon is the ability to offer a personalised direct debit facility.

  • Ease-of-Use

    TheInsurer is designed to capture only the data that is necessary to produce an accurate quote. Intelligent programming defines that, dependent upon the answer to any particular question, only the relevant subsequent questions will be asked. This has been facilitated from the front-end of the program rather than the back-end for speed and efficiency whilst ensuring the user experience is one that will be recommended.

  • Real-Time Quotations

    All online quotations are sent live to the internal office system, enabling sales staff to respond to risks that have not produced a quote and may require a more personal touch – referrals that may require further underwriting.

  • Full Statistical Reporting for Marketing Purposes

    TheInsurer has an incredibly comprehensive and efficient statistical reporting system and can track all leads and where they have come from. It also has a page tracking facility that can be used in tandem with a program such as Google Analytics to follow how a visitor navigates an entire site including the quotation process.

  • Documentation

    Documentation including proposal forms, cover notes, certificates and schedules may be custom-created and emailed to the client with no human intervention.

    The back office administration system includes an automatic diary system, document management and printing facilities, and integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Office and Open Office products.

  • Accounts

    TheInsurer has a full accounts system which includes reconciliation and payment, trial balance and custom reports for borderaux production, and can easily be exported/pasted into any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. The system is capable of importing borderaux should distribution channels, large volumes and have their own systems.

  • Reporting

    There is a full reporting facility within TheInsurer whereby statistics may be produced instantly by applying various filters such as new business cases written by source of business, specific dates, by a specific user, by a specific product line, or with a specific insurer or scheme.

  • Security

    Full feature flexible security is included within TheInsurer, ensuring restricted access to sensitive data. There is also user logging incorporated, which records user’s activities on the system.

  • Product Development

    Misoft are able to quickly and efficiently program your rates and schemes for both personal and commercial lines.

  • Website Management

    TheInsurer’s Content Management System can replace or be configured with your existing website, providing 100% tracking of incoming links. The content of the site may be easily edited, even by someone with little or no technical knowledge.