Comprehensive claims management system for both motor and property risks developed by Insurers for Insurers,
MGAs and TPAs alike.

Key Features of ProClaimer include:

  • Work flow management system

  • Comprehensive diary system

    Schedule diaries for any aspect of claims management, and access personal diaries from the claims dashboard.

  • Automated letter integration

    Letters to any party involved in a claim can be produced instantly, and are all stored alongside the claim details for future reference.

  • Comprehensive reserve management including reserve tracking and loss ratio performance

    Unlimited reserves can be added to each claim, and each is tracked with a full audit history, management reports and graphs.

  • System driven MI reports

    At-a-glance reports of claim performance, loss ratios, and full claims accounting.

  • Document import facility

    Any filetype can be imported against any claim, and can be viewed directly from the system.

  • Security

    Full feature flexible security is included within TheAdviser, ensuring restricted access to sensitive data. There is also user logging incorporated, which records user’s activities on the system.

  • Chronological auditing trail

    A full history is held of all claims and related items, allowing historical snapshots to be produced as required.

  • Internal payment validation

    All claim payments are logged and audited for future reference.